The successes of B.U.T. Premium at Châteaubourg

Aviagen® Turkeys Ltd (ATL) had the pleasure of bringing together more than 60 participants from different countries to present the successes of B.U.T. Premium. Participants of the turkey sector were represented in a green setting in Châteaubourg, Brittany, with a focus on France but also with speakers from the United States, Germany and England.

The event started with a presentation from ATL’s Managing Director Clay Burrows, leading onto a selection of topics the attendees were able to discuss which included, the production of turkeys without antibiotics in the United States and the turkey market in South America. Other presentations through the event included, hot weather management for turkey breeders and the use of green energies in turkey breeding in Germany. It was also a great opportunity for ATL to unveil the new nutritional recommendations for all breeds and show a benchmark analysis of the field performance of the B.U.T. Premium in France and Europe.

These presentations engaged great discussions and networking during lunch and dinner and ATL would like to thank all the participants and speakers who attended the event.