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Website gets an upgrade

We are delighted to introduce you to our improved website, which you’ll find full of useful information, news and industry-related articles.

Our valued customers are vitally important to us – and a vital part of our service is the customer support that we provide. We are currently working on our website so that you can find information faster, as well as more quickly accessing content that’s relevant to you. The website is sleeker and less cluttered, so you should be able to find what you’re looking for more easily. Keeping up with the latest news and articles is also much simpler; we have made the latest documents more eye-catching, adding images to the side of the news or article and labelling the document with 'NEW'.


Landing Page

When you click on to our website, you’ll now be able to select your region and language; then you’ll be taken to the correct website for Aviagen Turkeys Ltd (ATL) or Aviagen Turkeys Inc. (ATI), where you’ll find all relevant documentation and information for your sector/country. 

Our Breeds

You can now select our B.U.T., Nicholas and Shire Range breeds, plus you can instantly download the latest Performance Objectives for your breeder or commercial requirements. 


In this section we’ve improved Filter functionality, which has now been re-positioned for easier selection. It allows you to refine your search by the following criteria: Posters; Guidelines; Management Articles; Performance Objectives; Breed; Subject; Language.

Video Tutorials

Yet again we have improved filter functionality, which has now been positioned for easier selection and allows you to refine your search by the following criteria: General; Nutrition; Commercial; Breeder; Hatchery; Health; Welfare.

All videos are now displayed in rows and columns, which allows you to see more videos per page. Each video is available and will be displayed in all your selected language.

All documents are now displayed in rows and columns, which allows you to see more documents per page. Displays are in English, with a visual thumbnail image and links to show other available languages. When any one of these is clicked, the selected document is directly downloaded.



Here again, all news articles are now displayed in rows and columns, which allows you to see more per page. Simply click ‘Read More’ and view more detail.


You can also visit our website through the mobile version of the site, which means that when you visit our site from your smartphone, you’ll automatically see an optimised, mobile-friendly version, which is easier to navigate on small screens.

Thanks for all your past suggestions that have helped us come up with the new features on the Aviagen Turkeys website. If you have more suggestions on any aspect of, please leave a comment or email us at [email protected].