Aviagen Turkeys - Investing in the Future

The Aviagen Group is privately owned by the EW Group. Based in Germany, this family-run holding company purchased Aviagen in 2005 and has been a key influence in our growth, providing support and encouragement for our acquisition and development plans.

Under the ownership of the EW Group, Aviagen Turkeys has benefited from the largest ever investment in the turkey breeding sector totalling $40m.  This clearly indicates their depth of understanding of the long term nature of this sector.

The EW Group employs approximately 5,500 people worldwide and owns a variety of companies which are active in the fields of:

The EW GROUP's philosophy is "think globally, act locally" and the company's influence is apparent when looking at the growth of Aviagen in recent times. While allowing each business unit to operate independently, the EW GROUP encourages and promotes the exchange of ideas, information and technologies with other EW GROUP companies involved in similar fields, thus strengthening the entire organization.

Our owners understand our business and the global poultry industry and are committed to the long-term future of Aviagen. With their support and backing, we will continue to expand and improve our operation and provide customers across the world with a reliable supply of first-class breeding stock.